8 unique hotels that belong on your ultimate Europe travel bucket list!

I’m all for filling my ultimate Europe bucket list with awesome experiences or ridiculously Instagram-worthy places, but sometimes you stumble across a hotel that’s so unique and stunning that it becomes an entire destination in itself. From sleeping in the treetops to visiting an entire hotel made out of ice, there are some unexpected or once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I don’t think you’d ever expect. Check out these amazing, unique hotels that belong on your ultimate Europe travel bucket list!

Äscher Cliff, Switzerland

Located in the Appenzeller Alps, this remote mountainside guesthouse is definitely a bucket list hotel. When I say remote, I mean it – it’s only accessible by a 20 minute trek through mountain caves, and then by taking a cable car. Coupled with that comes some ridiculously incredible and pristine views, but it’s definitely best for those without a fear of heights!

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Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland

An abandoned inn turned eco-friendly boutique hotel, the Ion Adventure is conveniently located to offer you the best of Iceland. Whether you want to enjoy the view, visit volcanoes or watch the Northern Lights from the luxury of your hotel bar, you’re definitely in the right place! Don’t forget to download the Aurora Forecast app to know when to be on the lookout.

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Treehotel, Sweden

Here, you can experience nature in the most surreal way possible: by sleeping up in the trees of a pine forest in Northern Sweden. Have beautiful views from your bedroom and amazing activities just steps outside; whether you’re an adventurous person or are looking for a relaxing break, this belongs on your ultimate Europe bucket list!

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Seaside Glass Villas, Finland

Staying in a villa that’s smaller than a central London studio apartment doesn’t sound bucket list-worthy, until you see how ridiculously gorgeous they are. A definite winter destination, you can get a stunning view over the Bay of Bothnia and can witness the Northern Lights without ever having to leave your bed. And, during the day, you have fun activities – like ice driving – right outside your front door.

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LeCrans Hotel & Spa, Switzerland

Located in the heart of the Swiss alps, this luxury hotel has some ridiculously stunning views. The landscape really takes centre stage here, with views of snow-covered mountain peaks and lush green trees from every window – true tranquility! The most iconic part of the hotel, however, is easily the snow-laden outside jacuzzi. Enjoy the beauty of nature in the most relaxing way!

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Attrap Reves Hotel, Allauch, France

For the ultimate Europe break, try staying in this remote bubble set in the heart of a pine forest. It’s actually only about 30 minutes from Marseilles, but when you’re surrounded by lush trees and are able to stargaze from the luxury of your bed, it’ll certainly feel further.

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Ice Hotel 365, Sweden

I’m sure we’ve all heard of this iconic hotel, made completely from ice. The bed, the chairs, the bar, the decorations – all ice! Now, as someone who feels chilly once the temperature drops below 20 degrees, I’m not sure this would be the most comfortable experience. Nonetheless, it’d be an awesome one, and that’s how it’s made my travel bucket list!

And it’s not just the hotel that makes this the ultimate European escape, it’s all the activities that are offered there as well. From dogsledding and creating your own ice sculptures, to doing arctic wilderness survival training, where you can learn how to build your own shelter.

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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

There’s a definite theme going on in this travel bucket list; Europe are excellent at creating unique winter hotels! Here you can stay in your own igloo, complete with a glass ceiling so you can enjoy the arctic lights from the comfort (and warmth) of your own bed. Go dog sledding, on a reindeer safari, enjoy nature from a snowmobile, spend a day ice-fishing or learn to ski – truly immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of Finland.

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From living in your own treehouse (my childhood dream come true), to a house made out of ice or being able to enjoy the Northern Lights from the luxury of your own bed, this list of unique hotels has it all. Not only can you stay in a ridiculously awesome (and Instagram-worthy) hotel, but you have an abundant list of activities to enjoy, right outside your front door.

I hope you enjoyed my ultimate Europe hotel bucket list – don’t forget to pin it for later!


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